Amper-Plastik – our name stands for high precision. And precision needs to be measured. Therefore a new multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine was installed in June 2017, the Werth VideoCheck® S. Until December 2017 also the progressive training of all responsible quality staff members was concluded, so that all features of the new machine can now be fully utilized in daily business. After all a high-tech measuring device also requires professional handling.

And the six-figure investment sum is beginning to pay off. Since typically all new articles or products with change requests need to be (re-) measured. The new measuring machine accelerates these standard procedures, since the required programs can already be prepared based on the article’s 3D-data. In addition repetitive measuring processes are speeded up for moulds with several cavities. All in all our customers benefit from this efficiency, since the duration of a PPAP is significantly reduced.

The measuring device is utilized especially for small-scale products with more technical requirements – parts with a focus on functionality and accuracy. And in order to visualize the exactness the VideoCheck® S is able to import data of CT-scans of finished goods. These virtual bodies are then compared against the article’s 3D-data taken as specified body. The result: differences between desired geometry and the moulded parts are depicted in graphic images and easily interpreted. But since the data volumes created by this method range usually to several hundred GB, the measuring machine needed to be equipped with a high-performance computer.

Amper-Platik continuously invests in modern technology and machines in order to produce state-of-the-art precision plastic components. With the Werth VideoCheck® S we have installed a highly effective multi-sensor coordinate measuring device distinguished by its precision mechanics and modern control system. It is yet another building block allowing us to supply our customers with top level products.